How to Be a Proper Villain with Jaguar

Last month here on our blog we talked about the Jaguar XF and our brands exciting new #GoodToBeBad campaign.  This idea continues to live on in the media and with every clip being bad is beginning to look better and better.

In the latest video Benedict Cumberbatch is replaced by another awesome British actor in Tom Hiddleston, and the XF is traded out for the highly anticipated Jaguar F-Type Coupe.  Together the two show off The Art of Villainy, check it out below:

The rumbling engine and sleek style of the F-Type is accented nicely by the smooth words of Hiddleston in the above video.  Bad has never looked so good, and this makes us thirst for more of this upcoming sports car here in Shreveport, Louisiana.

When this ride joins the inventory of new Jaguar models it will show us all another reason why it is good to be bad, so don’t miss out on its arrival.

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