At Jaguar of Shreveport, we ask, "What if?" Constantly asking this question keeps us going, allows us to evolve, and ultimately, keeps us alive and answers Jaguar's next question, "How alive are you?" Every day is a chance to be greater. The result of this quest is the new Jaguar XJ.

The Jaguar XJ is an athletic, powerful super luxury vehicle. Say that ten times fast. A ,b>supercharged V6 engine and the 8-speed automatic transmission power the Jaguar XJ with its ample power and easy acceleration.

Whether you want to drive or would prefer to be driven, the Jaguar XJ pleases all. It's luxury in motion, thanks to its lightweight aluminum construction and "near perfect" weight distribution. Enhanced driving control features such as the JaguarDrive Selector™ and JaguarDrive Control™ to keep the drive smooth through gear changes in the Jaguar Sequential Shift™, a system that adapts to suit your driving style.

There's more to love from the Jaguar XJ but let us pose our original question to you again: What if? What if you came to Jaguar of Shreveport and scheduled a test drive. What if you got behind the wheel of a Jaguar and experienced a new way to be alive?

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