Jaguar Makes Virtual Driving a Reality

It has been very obvious over the past decade that sooner or later our physical lives are going to become integrated with those of the virtual world. We just didn't expect it would happen this quickly.

We are saying this after recently being introduced to an all-new Jaguar technology concept that made its debut online. It's called the Virtual Windscreen and it looks as though it has the potential to change the act of driving as we know it.

Much like the display you would see on your screen if you were playing an auto racing video game, Jaguar's Virtual Windscreen displays vital vehicle information directly on the windshield. This video shows it being used on a race track where it keeps tabs on lap times, and the most efficient path of travel. It will blow your mind.

Pretty amazing isn't it? We certainly have our fingers crossed that this technology will soon be available as an option for cars in the new Jaguar lineup, but in reality this is still years away from production. For more information about all the latest tech achievements from our favorite automaker, just drop by the Jaguar of Shreveport showroom and speak with our staff.

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