True performance and a sporty style deserve the best care, attention and enough glitz and glam to tell the world that a car like none other. It also deserves one of the coolest actors who's taking the whole world by storm on both sides of the pond. So when we here at our Shreveport, LA dealership see Idris Elba behind the wheel of the new Jaguar XE, we're understandably happy to share this video with you. Press play to check it out.

Taking on the traditional aspects of many of the new Jaguar models you'll find here, the XE also takes everything a few steps further. A real driver's car, as Elba calls it, the XE is right at home either on the open highway or the racetrack. Where would you take yours when it winds up in the States?

Tell us by visiting Jaguar of Shreveport today.

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